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Next May, the 22th, spaniard citizens are called to vote in order to elect those who will rule in city halls, county (province) governments and some state parlaments during the next four years. The elected representatives will have to manage thousands of millions of euros during this period of time, that is a reason for the voters to take extreme precautions: along the last years, the level of corruption in spanish politics has been catapulted to the highest for all the political flavors.

PSOE, PP y CiU are the three political parties that have agreed in resurrecting the "Sinde bill" in the senate after a mayor victory of citizenship that got it killed in the parlament a month earlier). A bill that will allow to censure the web in an administrative way, without the concurse of the court for guaranteeing the due process of law for the citizens. The judge in charge of validating the closing down of a web page will not be allowed to analyze the very issue in depth, that is, the infringement of intelectual property rigths or the possibility of propietary damage by the web page whose closing down has been required. The "Sinde bill" creates a judges-free hole where the decission is taken by an administrative committee appointed by the government to avoid what nowadays is happening: namely that court is always giving judgment against [1] the entertainment industry.

The "Sinde law" is ineffective. It does not deal with a comprehensive reform of Intelectual Property Laws (IPL in wikileaks cables acronim), the only way to help to solve the issue of a fair remuneration for the authors and artists in the framwork of a digital culture society. Even so, and in despite of the opposition of an important amount of people that includes artists and authors, PSOE, PP y CiU made it to pass. It was more important the lobbying of foreing governments and minoritary spanish groups than the general interest. But it is not just fault of our representatives: we voted for them either actively or through abstention.

From we think that PSOE, PP y CiU missed their main duty with society: to defend the constitution they promised to defend. The "Sinde law" subjects Internet to a special legislation with an important cut down for the free speech rigths and the decline of the effective protection of the court, so making it possible a much more important political control of the web.

Your decission is crucial. We do not ask you to vote any specific political party, neither we ask you to vote blank, null or abstention. That we do ask you is to get enough information to realize that there are political alternatives against the "Sinde law" all through the ideological sprectrum. We do ask you to defend the freedom on the web with your vote, not supporting those whose acts make them deserving of a punishment vote.